Jeffrey Tyler Muehring

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Jeffrey Tyler Muehring

January 17, 1969 - October 27, 2018

Jeffrey Tyler Muehring Jeffrey Tyler Muehring
Received into Heaven Saturday, 27 October 2018.
Born 1969 to Gene Howard Muehring and Judy Dendy Muehring.
Loving father, faithful husband, kindhearted son, beloved brother, generous uncle, loyal friend, wise mentor, dedicated leader, innovator, strategist, builder and craftsman, lover of languages, missionary, spiritual leader, lover and follower of the Lord.
Jeff took part in the Adventures in Missions training program in Lubbock and spent 27 months as a missionary in Yugoslavia. He received a Liberal Arts BA from LCU and Computer Science MD from TTU. Jeff joined RiskMetrics in 2000 where he and his wife, Trina, found their dream jobs working together on the frontiers of technology. RiskMetrics pioneered cloud-based financial risk management, where Jeff led the platform architecture and development. After the company sold in 2010, Jeff and Ken Parker left to co-found NextThought LLC in 2011, an innovative education technology company based in Norman, Oklahoma. He viewed each employee as a person first, an employee second, and worked diligently to make NextThought a place where innovation and creativity flourish, people thrive, lifelong friends are made, and technology is advanced.
He considered his greatest success and joy his wife Trina and son Jasper. He loved both fiercely and always found time to dedicate to them. He taught Jasper lessons and strategies in video games, school work, sports, world history, and matter of the heart. He enjoyed supporting Jaspers beloved school Terra Verde. Jeff's deep and profound faith and belief in God was unshakable throughout his life. His devotion to knowledge, truth, love, but especially his understanding of God's heart was what drew people to want to spend time with him.
He was preceded in death by his mother, Judy Muehring, in 1996. He is survived by his wife, Trina Stewart Muehring, and his son, Jasper Muehring; his father, Gene Muehring and wife Karel; his sister, Deanna Muehring; mother-in-law Dot Stewart; brother-in-law Kevin Stewart and wife Monica; brother-in-law Brent Stewart and wife Patti; sister-in-law Cherie Sherwood and husband Ron; ten nephews and nieces (Stephen Stewart and wife Vanessa; Jeremiah Sherwood; Joshua Sherwood; Joseph Sherwood and wife Evelyn; Jacob Sherwood and wife Michelle; Ethan Stewart; Allyson Stewart; Ashley Stewart; Chase Stewart; and Nikki Richburg and husband Chris); step-sister Shannon Wilkinson and husband Nathan; step-brother Price Fowler and wife Stephanie; and many wonderful aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.
Jeff continues to live--in our hearts, in his legacy, in wonderful memories, and in spirit. This isnt goodbye, but a brief pause, before we will all be reunited again.
Visitation will be at Havenbrook Funeral Home on Friday, November 2nd, from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Funeral services will begin at 2:00 PM at Alameda Church of Christ on Saturday, November 3rd. Graveside service (Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery) and reception (Alameda Church of Christ) to immediately follow.
In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Terra Verde Discovery School. 1000 36th Ave SE, Norman, OK 73026. (405) 366-6362.
Published on October 31, 2018
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Crockett Gambrel
Nov 09, 2018
This truly hurts my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Alvin Lee
Nov 03, 2018
Dearest Trina,

My heartfelt condolences to you and your family for Jeff's untimely passing. You two will always be friends and may the Lord provide you and Jasper strength, and may Jeff's memory continue to inspire you.

Alvin - RMG Singapore
Nov 03, 2018
Can’t let him go still , forgot how nice his hair was and he kept it ...he had a red dot under his eye for the longest ...that was the last day we played with Bee-bee guns....we were like 13 maybe ...I didn’t even want to play ...I don’t know where these came from but he said I could share ....
Michael Johnson
Nov 03, 2018
I can’t talk about Jeff without talking about his mom(Judy) his dad (Gene) his little sister(Deanna) Tuffy who Jeff said was short for Tuften the white husky looking fellow & mittens the rescued cat that lived 16-17 years ..when it comes to Jeff and his whole family...we were 8 years old when we met each family has moved from across town and he was coming in from Texas ..I remember Our moms standing across the street greeting each other as me and Jeff walked into the street and shook hands And said “hi” it was from that day that we would become brothers inseparable at home ..the first time I came over Jeff’s house his dad taught me chess & backgammon we’d play for hour...s ..Deanna would sit at the end of the couch and watch ..we later found out in January that we shared a birthday month....I’m on the 14th he’s was the 17th so I’d use those 3 days for big brother talk but he was wiser.... I eat Cauliflower with cheese sauce..Au gratin potatoes ,different types of salads, the cookies are an adventure all their own , we’ll have to circle back to those.....sun tea - Pepsi & Mississippi Mud....because of his actually did the drinks ...( there was a method to good sun tea) Jeff was so use to it that he’d just eat one serving & be cool...but he knew across the street awaited some orange drink, popcorn, lemon cookies, cable and I’d try and bake a cake depending on the time of day ...string can phones across the street.. we tried it...firecrackers, magnifying glass experiments. Bikes lightweight skateboarding never could quite get that one going ....hours spent in the creek..skipping rocks and talking about life stuff..and wrestling ....the one time we got in trouble was when We were standing by the edge of the pond and Jeff knew I was afraid of rats and he shook me a little bit to scare me and my foot slipped in the water and I grab him too..We both got muddy and when we got home mom said maybe we had been spending too much time together and maybe we need to take a break...we were in the 4th grade ...I was going to Solano Christian Academy at the time with Jeff (thanks to a public school incident I repeated at home)so we rode to school together..his mom worked there too so we weren’t totally separated...we would light weight wrestle in the back of the car on the way to school . mom would say “ no rough housing “ I’d say rough housing , we’re wrestling “ real quite though like a whisper..he’d shoot a jab or wrench my hand and say ,” you know what she means”.but he’s keep going too...( not sure about the seat belt laws in 1979?).we wrestled everyday that I can remember in between games of basketball, baseball, football in the backyard men scenes , the building of anything we could think of ...& God....we had a Dungeon and Dragon phase which turned more into painting the figures....I think that’s where we got a lot of our talking in , we’d stay up till 3-4 a.m. painting with precision and talking especially future stuff and possibilities..the world and technology and spiritual stuff...we were 11-12 ..even as we went to different schools we’d see each other when we got home talk about our days and wrestle....Jeff’s dad was in the military and would bring us back the members only jackets sweat suits and tennis shoes , we looked alright for the times...when we got to high school Jeff started helping me get strong ...he would look stuff up about muscle development and we would do it ...when we started driving he would put his car in neutral and He would would have me push him up and down the legs were skinny but I got strong ...when I would get tired he would remind me of what I was doing it for....he’s play catch with me as long as I wanted ...though he like throwing all hard at me..he had a good arm...he liked the Dodgers & his dad liked the I watch em both ...I’d like to say Cowboys but not sure ...memory isn’t the same anymore...I remember when he returned him from his mission ..we were heavy into ping pong for a minute ...& wrestling ...not sure when computers came up but I remember him talking about the world wide web ...I thought “spiders ?“ he told me that we could email each other ...I must have missed dial up and Jeff’s masters later it hit me..( fortunately before all that when he met and married Trina His parents still lived across the street and was able to attend his wedding) So a few years later I had to hunt him down and beg and continue to call his university where he had already graduated from asking someone anyone to get him a message ..finally someone in his old dept delivered a message to him for me ...( he called me and we had been able to keep in touch how we do since then ) I suppose there were easier ways but I didn’t face book and nether did we laughed about how that wasn’t us...I text him happy birthday on the 17 th of every January and he always text back happy birthday to you too..I thought about him the other day as I was thinking about his mom and the wonderful family I was so blessed to have been apart of and all the wonderful things that stay with me because of Jeff...I could Ramble for ever but could never do him justice...i still went over to the house and ate while he was on his mission (before he left we put some peanuts and water in a baby jar when we wer like 13 ..we watched it break down for science purposes..we opened it and it smelled rankenstein..we had an eye dropper and joked about stink drops and other repellents before settling on some deep conversations about the future of the world , computers , science and of course God) (Judy) and I had dialed in the chocolate chip walnut cookies...we were on the verge of the oatmeal raisin so many walnuts you think it’s a mistake with a hint of chocolate Chip ...the secret might have been the blender and e tea butter ..we were 20....not a day went by when I didn’t think about Jeff and his family...when Deanna drove off to college I gave her some r&b cd to listen to, I told her she had a long drive give it a chance ...she grew up got her license and was gone right before our eyes ...talking about some FBI type action...I was drafting Jeff a grandparent/ I miss man text just the I was gonna await his heart is hurting but he is with me ...and with all of us...I get to speak with both him and mom now ..and I cry every time....we even did blood brothers in my front yard when we were 10....old school would’ve been easier...Jeff and I would run the back creek trail where we lived and I’d still jog it when I was home I even caught dad (Gene) one morning he had started golfing and was getting a little jog in after he had just started and hadn’t broke 100 yet I think of him and my 91... I also was thinking about of our adventures in the Creek or the fence we built together when we were 14..and how proud I was of him and how he did life and how devoted he was to his family , friends business ventures and God ....I love my brother and will miss our texts and catchups ...but I’ll talk to him everyday for the rest of my life and I’ll selfishly feel comforted in knowing that he’ll hear be absent in the body is to be present with the in peace brother & see you after the pause ....Read more
Jim and Sharon Brickman
Nov 02, 2018
Please accept our most sincere condolences at the loss of Jeff. May God give Trina and Jasper a special gift of comfort. As scriptures promises there is a new day coming that is pure bliss and where we will enjoy fellowship with fellow believers. God bless! Jim and Sharon Brickman
Frank Lotito
Nov 02, 2018
I am so sorry about what happened to Jeff and his friend. We will all be praying and uplifting you and Jasper.
Laurie Norton Diles
Nov 01, 2018
We are grieved at the passing of our dear Trina's husband. God bless all of you during this time of grief and change. Love,
Mike Smith
Nov 01, 2018
I had the privilege of working with Jeff and Trina at RiskMetrics, and they were an absolute joy to work with and become friends with. I am so sorry to hear of Jeff’s passing, and mourn his loss to the world. He was a generous and joyous person to spend time with, and my thoughts are with Trina, Jasper and the rest of his family and friends at this time.
Lubbock Christian University
Nov 01, 2018
Lubbock Christian University and LCU Alumni Relations send our condolences. May God grant Jeff's family and friends blessed assurance, comfort, and peace in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

Sheila Dye, LCU Alumni Relations
enSYNC Team
Nov 01, 2018
Please know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers. We had the honor of working with Jeff and will continue to deliver his vision with pride and integrity. May God bless you with his healing love.
Brendan Shea
Nov 01, 2018
I'm so sorry to hear about Jeff's passing. I worked for Jeff at RiskMetrics, and he was not only a great boss, but more importantly a kind and thoughtful person. He always went out of his way to check in with me on how I was doing and I respected him very much. I enjoyed the time I worked with Jeff and consider him a friend. My thoughts are with Trina, Jasper and the entire Muehring family during this difficult time.